Located between the city of Netivot and the Beit Kama junction, in the fields of the regional municipality of Merchavim, the community of Kfar Darom is presently building the settlement of Shavei  Darom. On lands that had previously grown crops of potatoes and carrots, a whole new way of life is being planted and growing. 40 families are presently living in the yishuv and dozens of additional families are undergoing the process of joining, now that Shavei  Darom has received the last official documents authorizing its establishment. Community members haven’t forgotten the pain of their expulsion from Gush Katif, but are moving forward and rising to meet the Zionistic challenges of the future

Today Shavei Darom is in advanced stages of constructing public facilities, synagogues, preschools, and schools, basketball and soccer courts, and preparing 160 residential units for the new families that will soon join the community. The community members take an active part in educational and cultural activities together with the surrounding communities, and strive to illuminate these southern communities with the light of Torah. 

Institutions in Shavei Darom:

Our new settlement contains a fully functioning, top-quality educational network, similar to the one that existed in Kfar Darom. It answers the requirements of families from the yishuv and surrounding vicinity who want their children to receive a high-quality Torah-true education. This network includes day-care centers for infants, kindergartens, a school and a Talmud Torah. It caters to 250 children and this number is constantly increasing every year.

Among the institutions in Shavei Darom is the Institute for Torah and the Land of Israel, which engages in research, application, and public education relating to the precepts associated with the Land of Israel; providing agricultural guidance; and developing technological and halachic innovations in the field of agriculture. The Institute for Torah and the Land of Israel was established back in Kfar Darom. It followed the community to Ashkelon, and from there to Shavei Darom. Also based in Shavei Darom is the Midrasha for Torah and the Land of Israel, a midrasha on wheels that visits schools and preschools with hands-on educational activities on various topics related to strengthening the children's bond to Jewish tradition, the Land of Israel, and the Jewish People.